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Playground Equipment Funding

Playground Equipment Funding

Oasis Academy Shirley Park - CR0 7BE-3Whether your existing playground equipment is looking worse for wear or you need to build a brand new playground from scratch, getting the funding for your project can be one of the biggest huddles towards creating an ideal play area for children. Getting playground equipment funding can be challenging, but there are many way to raise the money needed.

Plan what you want to achieve

Before you start trying to raise any money it is important to decide what you want to achieve. This means deciding on a realistic target of the amount you want to raise. You also need to decide on what you need from your play area and outlining who will benefit from it. And not forgetting the number of children who will use the equipment. This will not only help to keep you focused on fundraising but also helps to have clear answers in place when questioned by those you are looking to raise funds from.

You also need to look into whether you can get the planning permission for you want to achieve. It is important to find out if your current site is big enough or if it needs extending. It may mean that there are additional costs to be taken into account if enlarging the area is required. Additionally, it is essential to contact the site owner and local council at this stage to discuss plans.


One of the first places many schools and nurseries look to raise money is through grants. There are many grants available to educational organisations from the government. They are keen to encourage children to exercise more, as well as local authorities. In addition to this, there are organisations that are willing to fund education projects. When applying for these grants you will normally be asked in-depth questions about the project, the amount of funding you will need, as well as timescales, which is why it is important to already have the answers to these questions clear before making the application.

Local company sponsorships

Another place to try and raise funds is through contacting local companies. Some local companies will be interested in investing money as a sponsorship deal in which they can gain good publicity from the project. Again, when applying for funds from local companies in-depth questions about the project will need to be answered.

Fundraising events

Fundraising events at your school or nursery can prove a great way of raising extra money to supplement any grants or sponsorship agreements you have achieved. There are many ways raising money through fundraising events, from holding raffles to bake sales, and it is normally recommended that you hold several fundraising events throughout the year to help you reach your target. Often parents will be generous during these fundraising events as they know that the equipment will benefit their children.

While this guide has been created to provide you with information about raising funds, you can get more information and advice on our fundraising page, where you can also download a Fundraising Pack to help you.

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