Fawns.... Helping You Through The Fundraising Maze

Over the last few years the Government has launched several initiatives designed to encourage children to learn through play.  From stipulations that children should be given access to an outdoor play area wherever possible, to a playground which cleverly incorporates its natural surroundings.

Both teachers and parents alike are fully aware of the advantages to a creative and imaginative playground, not only for the stimulation of the children but the harmonious playtime a stimulating play area brings with it. However following the recession there is very little money available so schools have entered the fundraising maze alone to turn their blue sky playground ideas into a reality….

Over the last 20 years the team at Fawns have developed several thousand playgrounds, so we have an in depth understanding of the struggles faced by schools in their efforts to raise much needed funds while developing a wealth of experience on the countless fundraising tactics adopted.

As a result we have pulled together a comprehensive guide to assist schools, parents and Parent Teacher Association’s on their fundraising journey….

Filling Out Your Fundraising Application…

Before filling out any fundraising application have an understanding of what it is you are after.  Empower your pupils by getting them to form a committee – they can manage their classmates by pulling together a wish list of equipment they would like for their playground.  One of our Play Consultants will be happy to come out and give you an approximate costing for turning these plans into fruition.

With a figure in mind and a plan of action get the full support of the parents and PTA as applications can take time and you will need to ensure all your paperwork is in order.

Download our Council and ‘Friends of’ Groups Fundraising Pack

Download our Schools and Nurseries Fundraising Pack

We hope that you have found this information informative and helpful.  Our team of Play Consultants can offer advice and support from the start of your fundraising journey by creating designs based on your wish list which fit in with your budget through to the installation. Don’t forget you can always start off small and build your playground by adding equipment on as the money comes in.  For inspiration from other schools who have raised funds for the playgrounds follow this link to our case studies page.
Happy Fundraising!