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Our Guide to Outdoor Classrooms

Our Guide to Outdoor Classrooms

With evolving curricula schools and teachers are constantly exploring new ways to enhance learning experiences and incorporate an outdoor learning space for children. One exciting approach to outdoor learning involves our outdoor classrooms, effortlessly blending indoor educational experiences with the great outdoors!

What is an Outdoor Classroom?

An Outdoor Classroom is a covered area that can be stand alone or attached to buildings that provide an educational space, bringing learning outdoors, as well as providing an area for socialisation and play during breaktimes and lunchtimes.

The classrooms can vary in size and can be modified to meet your schools’ specific requirements whether they include seating, mark making boards or decking they are an excellent opportunity for children to get fresh air while learning.

Our Outdoor Classroom Structures

All Weather Canopies

Transform your school playground with our range of All Weather Canopies, designed to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor space. Whether you require a shaded spot for playtime, a comfortable area for outdoor learning come rain or shine, our Canopies are the perfect solution.

Free Flow Shelters

Our Free Flow Shelters offer an innovative way to extend the learning environment beyond the classroom walls. By providing a covered area, they create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing children to explore and engage outside while still being protected from the elements.

Whether stand alone or attached to a building, teachers can easily incorporate outdoor learning resources into their curriculum, ensuring that learning opportunities and play are not limited by the weather.


Outdoor Classrooms

Our range of Outdoor Classrooms create the perfect environment for outdoor learning and are an excellent addition to any school, utilising the playground for learning including forest schools.

With the option of Mark Making Boards, Benches and Decking, these classrooms can have bespoke designs to provide a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor education.


Pergolas offer the shade needed for a comfortable playground experience, and with their stylish designs and durable construction, these shelters are the perfect addition to enhance the functionality of any outdoor space. Our shaded pergola comes with the addition of shade netting, reducing the sunlight by up to 75%.


Shade Canopies

Our Shade Sail Canopies offer UV protection as well as a safe and shaded environment for children to play and learn without the worry of harmful sun exposure; providing a safe and shaded environment adapted for educational facilities or for children to seek shelter during outdoor play.


Features & Benefits of Outdoor Classrooms

Engaging in learning outdoors adds a new dimension and amplifies the fun element of education. By taking classes outside with an outdoor classroom, a whole new world of immersive and enjoyable experiences opens, captivating learners of all ages.

From enhancing creativity and promoting physical activity to nurturing mental health and encouraging environmental awareness, an outdoor learning space enriches children in ways that indoor education simply cannot match.

Students can engage all their senses, explore hands-on activities, and connect with the environment in a way that furthers creativity, critical thinking which is an excellent skill for adult life and appreciation for the world around them.

How much does an outdoor classroom cost?

As each outdoor classroom vary in size, structure and design we would recommend discussing your specific requirements with one our helpful team, and provide a quote based on specific requirements.

Do they require planning permission?

Given the varying regulations in different regions and permitted development rights, it is important to note that while many of our classrooms are under the 4m threshold and may not require planning permission, however it is always advisable to verify with your local authority.

Why is outdoor learning important?

By embracing outdoor learning, students engage their senses, participate in hands-on activities, connect with nature, developing creativity, critical thinking, and an appreciation for the world around them.

Outdoor play is equally as important, to find out more about the importance of outdoor play read out blog here.

Can the outdoor classrooms be utilised at breaktimes and lunchtimes? 

Our modern outdoor classrooms offer more than just educational opportunities; they can also provide primary schools shade and shelter during breaktimes and lunchtimes, creating calming environments to socialise.


How Can Fawns Help You?

If you have a playground project or simply want to discuss our outdoor classrooms contact us on 01252 515199 or email

Alternatively click here to complete our Contact Us form, and we’ll be in touch to discuss your project further.

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