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Improving Outdoor Spaces

Improving Outdoor Spaces

Improving outdoor spaces an important factor for any school. Not only does this providechildren with an exciting setting for play, it can enhance the whole school environment. Outdoor play is important in helping children develop socially and emotionally. Additionally, it promotes exercise, ensuring children are keeping healthy, while helping to develop their fine and gross motor skills. And the cherry on top of the cake is outdoor learning. Especially play types such as role-play! It’s great way to make lessons more exciting and fun and gives children a variety of learning experiences. It definitely beats being stuck in a classroom all day!

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We can help make sure that your school is providing pupils with a great outdoor space. We’ve been working with schools and nurseries across the country since 1989! So, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be putting your school in the hands of experts. Out approach means that you’re involved every step of the way in a consultative and inclusive process. We keep you up to date and involved in the whole project. Our aim is to provide you with the smoothest process possible for implementing your new outdoor area, and we do this by making sure that we’re easy to communicate with. We alsso work around your needs, such as space, unique requirements and budget.


We have an amazing range of equipment for you to include in your outdoor area. This means that you can take your time deciding which will be perfect for you, as Fawns takes into account the differing abilities of children when designing their equipment while also making sure every piece is exciting as well as perfectly safe. All of Fawns equipment targets the development of children in different areas, and while physical development is at forefront of this, improving communication and language development, and personal, social and emotional development is also a considered in the designing of the equipment.

This is an even more important consideration when developing areas for early years, with the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage framework placing these key development skills at the heart of their learning experience. This equipment comes in a versatile range of designs, including climbing frames – which are great for physical development – sand and water play, play huts, wall and table games, which are all easy to fit into outdoor learning experiences, and specific ranges of themed equipment, such as pirate ships and castles – perfect for roleplay based activities. We also provide furniture and covers/shades to make sure that your outdoor area is the perfect learning environment all year round.

Playtime by Fawns is here to help you on your way to making your school’s outdoor space the best it can be, so contact us today to start your journey to improve your outdoor space.