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Maximising Outdoor Spaces

Maximising Outdoor Spaces

Maximising outdoor spaces is important in making sure that children can be as active as possible. However it can be a difficult process to make sure the way your playground is designed to maximise space. Here at Playtime By Fawns we have some great solutions to help. So you know, whatever size and shape playground, it’s the best it can be!

Understanding Your Wants

First of all it is important to have an understanding of what you want to use your outdoor space for. For example, do you want to just create a flexible playground space in which children play? oO do you need your space to cater to more educational needs for outdoor learning experiences? Next you’ll need to consider how much budget you have for this. You can’t forget to think about how many children this area needs to accommodate. After you have the basics figured out you can start designing your outdoor space. Our experts are happy to help and can create stunning 3D designs to bring your ideas to life.

Equipment and Designs

As well as having experts to look at your space, it’s a good idea to have a look at equipment and designs available. This is an opportunity to include the children in coming up with ideas for their new playground or outdoor area. Some great equipment to look at that will brilliantly maximise the space you have available is our space frames. These frames, such as our discovery space frame, pack a lot of versatile equipment into a smaller area. This means that whether your space is going to be based around play, exercise or lessons, you’re guaranteed to have a lot to do regardless of how much room you have.

Other great equipment that can help you maximise your space is our selection of wall games. These will take up very little space, as you only need make room on a wall for them, but can still offer a lot. One example of this is our magplay – number wall game, which would be perfect for a more lesson-orientated space, as it gives children a creative way to play with numbers outdoors, or our snakes and ladders wall game, which could be used either for lessons or for playtime. Similarly our game board tables offer a great solution to working outdoors if you don’t have much space. These, such as our game boards, create a way to explore different games outdoors, encouraging children to play with each, but also can double up as workspaces when lessons are taken outdoors.

There is plenty of other fun equipment that takes up little space, such as our bug magnifier which can be extremely useful for science lessons despite being a small addition to your outdoor space. So to make sure that you’re making the most of the outdoor space available to you. Be sure to look at the wide range of equipment and games we have available. And make the most of advice from experts! In no time you’ll have the perfect outdoor area for you and your school.