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A Playground Is Not Just For Summer

A Playground Is Not Just For Summer

A Playground is not just for Summer

A well-designed, easy to manage, flexible outdoor space that meets the needs of children for play and learning, has never been so vital. The necessity to increase outdoor curriculum activities means having an expertly designed outdoor space has now become an essential resource. Adding to the pressure is the continued increase in pupil numbers as new housing developments nationally continue.

The playground is not just where children run around for a few hours each day to play and exercise. A playground is not just for Summer, but for the rest of the year too! Therefore, every outdoor space is carefully designed with physical development zones, quiet areas, imaginative zones and multi use games areas. Each outside space must now provide a wide range of activities, from free play to supporting outdoor learning, year round.

At Playtime by Fawns we are extremely proud to have transformed over 15,000+ outdoor spaces over the last 30 years. In the beginning, with our first trim trail installation, through to the current day. So you know that every school playground is expertly designed and created by our fantastic team.

This vast change and the importance of having to provide an outstanding outdoor space has been incredible. For all schools, having a professionally designed, inspirational play space has now become an essential part of attracting new pupils and will only continue to become more critical with increased competition for places and government funding.

Our heritage and experience gained by working closely with educational settings for over 30 years, transforming over 15,000 playgrounds, is just one element of what sets Playtime by Fawns apart from the competition.

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