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7 Benefits of Timber Playground Equipment

7 Benefits of Timber Playground Equipment

Wooden playground equipment has become a popular choice amongst schools, nurseries, and preschools due to its standing ability to seamlessly integrate into outdoor environments. Not only does timber play equipment captivate with its natural aesthetic, but it also offers a multitude of benefits.

Discover the many advantages that come with investing in wooden children’s playground equipment, highlighting its appeal, durability, safety and positive impact on children’s development and sense of adventure.


1.    Natural Aesthetic

One of the key advantages of timber playground equipment is its authentic and natural appearance to any outdoor space. In contrast to plastic or steel play equipment, timber seamlessly blends into the surrounding environment, creating a tranquil and welcoming play area for children to enjoy.Outdoor play area with duralawn and various equipment

By utilising natural timber and materials, your play space will become more sustainable and eco-friendly, promoting a greener environment, enabling children to consider and learn about the great outdoors while still having fun.

Additionally, timber comes in a variety of natural colours, textures, and shapes, allowing for easy customization to meet the specific needs of your playground, enhancing the overall engagement and excitement of the play space in any school playground or public park.


2.    Durability

Another advantage of timber is it the fact it is highly durable, meaning it will be suitable for any outdoor space where children play.

Our timber is pressure treated and coated with Tanileth E, ensuring it can withstand harsh weather conditions and last for decades with minimum maintenance. Being a robust material, wood can endure heavy usage and exposure to the environment.

To maximize the lifespan of your timber playground equipment, it is advisable to invest in products treated with high-quality preservatives that are compliant with BS8417 and approved by the Wood Protection Association.

Overall, purchasing high quality timber play equipment, that is sourced and treated correctly, is an investment that will offer long-term piece of mind for many years to come.


3.    Versatility

Timber is not just a material, but a key element in creating a dynamic and engaging outdoor learning space. From the sturdy structures of Space Frames and Trim Trails to the imaginative play of Messy Kitchens, Sand and Water Play, timber offers endless possibilities for a range of ages and abilities.

Furthermore, wooden playground equipment serves as more than just a fun pastime; it aids physical activity, social interaction, sensory exploration, and cognitive growth.

Its durable features allow children to engage in active play, promoting skills like climbing, jumping, sliding as demonstrated on the Pinta Galleon, through to creative play and mark making as demonstrated on the Mark Making Water Wall.

By incorporating timber play equipment into outdoor spaces, we are not just creating play areas, but essential learning environments that nurture vital skills in children.

messy kitchen

4.    Eco FriendlyFSC Accreditation

It is world widely acknowledged that protecting our planet is crucial, and schools and councils are increasingly aware of their environmental footprint.

When investing in timber, it’s essential to ensure it is eco-friendly and sourced sustainably. Here at Fawns, we source our timber from FSC sustainable sources to guarantee that it is both environmentally friendly and renewable. Our timber is responsibly harvested and endorsed by leading environmental organizations like WWF.

By choosing FSC-certified timber from us, schools can rest assure that they are investing in a play area that is not only safe but also eco-friendly.

Support forests with FSC-certified timber. The construction industry has reached consensus: It’s time to adopt more sustainable practices. But simply choosing wood as a building material isn’t enough. Making a real difference means choosing responsibly sourced wood. FSC certification is proven to prevent deforestation that contributes to climate change

Source: FSC website (

Even when installed, timber continues to absorb CO2 emissions from the atmosphere making it carbon positive, furthermore helping the environment.

Furthermore, a school being more eco-conscience educates children further, making them more aware of the importance of looking after their surroundings and pride in making better choices to take care of the world.


5.    Low Maintenance

Compared to other materials, timber is known for its low maintenance requirements. With proper pre-treatment, and some minimal maintenance, timber can withstand harsh weather conditions and last for many years.

At Fawns we use machine round high-quality softwood timber, which undergoes controlled drying and vacuum pressure treatment with environmentally friendly preservatives, ensuring a longer lifespan. With a desired service life of 15 years our timber products are built to last.

Furthermore, wood being a natural material reduces the need for harsh chemicals and cleaners, making it easier to maintain and eco-friendly.

To extend the life expectancy of the timber further we would recommend the use of steel shoes which raise the timber above the ground. This can be particularly effective if the equipment is being installed into a bark pit or an area that is prone to flooding during the winter months.



6.    Safety

Fawns’ equipment is designed specifically with machine rounded timber to remove the risk of children hurting themselves by running into any sharp corners that could cause damage.

Additionally, its softer surface compared to steel or plastic results in lower heat retention, making it a preferable choice for playgrounds around the country.

When purchasing a new playground it is important to ensure the company is part of the Association of Play Industry (API) and ensure the equipment complies with British Standards such as BS EN 1176.

7.    Imagination

Wooden play equipment is designed and manufactured to feature as organic, open-ended equipment that sparks children’s imagination and creativity.

The natural structure of timber provides a blank canvas for children to unleash their creativity, problem-solving skills, and communication abilities, which in turn encourages them to think outside the box. Children can be inspired to create unique scenarios and create imaginative role play areas without the need for lots of playground accessories.

Timber play equipment encourages kids to develop their imagination skills, getting children outside and having fun in a natural play space.




So why choose wooden play equipment?

Overall, due to timbers durability and natural aesthetic appeal, it promotes a sense of environmental responsibility and provides a canvas to let children’s imagination run wild.

The tactile nature of wood not only ensures a safe play area for children but also encourages them to develop their physical skills, form friendships, and explore a wide range of outdoor pursuits.

From challenging climbing frames to tranquil sensory gardens, timber is a versatile material that can be utilised for many pieces of play equipment to aid a child’s development including social and life skills. To view our extensive range of timber playground equipment, click here.



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