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Rope Wall Climber

Catalogue Code: RWC09

Children love to climb, it’s in their nature! So the Rope Wall Climber is perfect get them climbing in a safe and controlled way. These climbers have always been a firm favourite of children of all ages, so it makes perfect sense as to why you would want your very own set in your playground!

Areas of learning:
1) Communication and language Development,
2) Physical Development,
3) Personal, social and emotional development

This helps develops their gross motor skills, upper body strength, core strength, gripping and grasping, as well as co-ordination.

A must have for any space!


2.4m x 0.2m x 2.2m

Minimum Space:

6.5m x 4.3m

Free Fall Height:


Please Note:

Prices do not include installation, surfacing or environmental waste disposal costs.

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