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Year Round Outdoor Spaces

Year Round Outdoor Spaces

It has never been more important to encourage children to get outdoors and play. It is estimated that some children ages 5-16 spend 6 and half hours in front of a screen daily. This increase in a sedentary lifestyle and screen time is damaging our children’s health and well-being. Not only is it increasing the rate of childhood obesity and related illnesses like diabetes, but it affects concentration. Children spending more than 2 hours in front of a screen or device per day have reported issues with developing language skills and their attention span.

Encouraging children to play outdoors and be more active has never been more important to their development. Getting outdoors in the fresh air not only gets them active but also gives children new experiences. There are many benefits to children playing outside, such as a development in strength and coordination. Children are also more likely to build their confidence and social skills. Playing in the outdoors without the stimulus of a screen also leads to more imaginative play. This, in turn, encourages creativity and creates independence, as they are no longer relying on a virtual world for their experiences.

However, we all know the challenges with getting out and about all year round with weather being so unpredictable. Luckily, we have a great range of shades and shelters offering all year-round protection from the elements. Children’s delicate skin can be protected from the sun’s harmful rays with our Sailaway range, which can be added at ease to provide a shelter above the play area so as to not inhibit the activities and fun that they can have.



Our pergolas and lean to shelters also provide an excellent way in which to ensure that children are both safe from the sun, while still staying active and having a good time. Additionally, most of our equipment and structures are made from wood which avoids getting too hot in the summer. This allows children to have fun and stay active all year round!

For more wintery conditions, children and parents can continue with outdoor activities under Fawns range of gazebos, pergolas and waterproof structures. These structures will both keep your children safe and dry in inclement weather. And importantly, it provides further landscape for their imaginative play to run wild in. Of course, these same structures continue to be handy year round as they provide shelter and shade once it starts becoming warmer.



We also provide a variety of playground surfaces to choose from. Each will help keep children safe all year round while they continue to play outside. For example, the bark flooring of a loose-fill playground won’t become too slippery or wet to run around on in winter. Likewise, it won’t become too hot in the summer months. Other examples of year-round surfacing includes the Duralawn, which, looks realistic and adds an authentic feel to a child’s outdoor play experience, but is weather resistant. It will avoid getting muddy or overly wet in the winter. Meaning no gardening!

If you need help with creating an outdoor play area suitable for all weather conditions contact the experts in playground design and build now!