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Tackling Childhood Obesity

Tackling Childhood Obesity

In 2018 the government released a study showing that childhood obesity was still a huge issue in the UK. Unfortunately, there is no getting away from it, the UK is in the midst of a childhood obesity crisis. Data highlighted that severe obesity in children 10-11 years old has increased by more than 1/3 since 2006. But how do we go about tackling childhood obesity? This seems to be a challenge that we must work together on to tackle. To try and instil good habits in the youth of today!

The Governments’ Change for Life scheme focuses on making small changes to diet and lifestyle that over time, aims to improve individual’s health and tackle obesity. Encouraging children to be as active as possible is key. Studies have shown that the more active children are while under 10 years old, the less likely they are to be obese in their teenage years. To overcome the obesity crisis in the UK we need to get our children more active, however that is proving difficult with the growing trend of children focused on what is on a screen rather than being interested in the great outdoors.

There is increasing evidence that suggests that areas with a lack of outdoor space have higher rates of obesity in children and that areas with plenty of outdoor space and investment in playgrounds have lower rates of obesity. Therefore, working towards providing a greater number of outdoor play areas and spaces that interest children is vital in tackling the obesity problem in the UK.

Making use of the playground

To keep children interested in physical activity it is important for outdoor play areas to be appealing. We have a great range of equipment could help build a fantastic outdoor gym in any playground that keeps exercise for our youngsters fun and exciting. If an outdoor play space isn’t fun and interesting children are less likely to use it and instead spend their time on more sedentary activities such as playing games on their phones or watching TV; this is not going to help combat the obesity crisis.

Fawns outdoor gym equipment for playgrounds has a great range of innovative and fun equipment to improve cardio and build strength & balance in our next generation. Just some examples of this include play equipment such as;

Air Skier
Arm & Pedal Bike
Cardio Combi
Double Air Walker
Double Cross-Country Skier
Elliptical Cross Trainer
Hip Twister
Childrens Rider
Seated Leg Press
Tai Chi Spinners


Including equipment such as this in playgrounds and outdoor play areas will make it more likely that children begin to show an interest in becoming more active, as it provides an imaginative way for them to play that doesn’t include just the basic play equipment and structures that they are expecting, such as slides and swings. It is this interest that will help with tackling obesity. With today’s modern world, it is so easy for children to go online or on a device and find something “new” that draws them in. To tackle this, we have created a selection of diverse and innovative equipment to capture children’s imagination. This is the best way to ensure that our outdoor gyms are helping to tackle childhood obesity.

We create stunning playgrounds for communities; parks; schools; and more. Our play equipment is designed to be unique; innovative; and exciting, so children can’t wait to try it out. It’s also quality-made, so it’s an investment in future generations, too. Contact us to find out how we can help get kids excited about fitness and staying healthy.