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Summer Holidays Aren’t Long Enough

Summer Holidays Aren’t Long Enough

Controversial I know, but our installation teams are now booked up throughout the six weeks holidays! The summer holidays aren’t long enough! So another couple of weeks of school holidays would have been really useful for us to rejuvenate. In some cases we create innovative play spaces for schools and nurseries from scratch throughout England and Wales too!

But here’s the thing, we carry out installations 50 weeks a year. 50! But only completing 15% of our yearly installations during the summer holidays. We do this to cause minimum disruption to children and staff. It also helps keep noise and mess minimal and with working practices that are agreed in advance with the school. We try our hardest to fit in with their daily routines. We do this during SATs exam periods. And even do this during OFSTED inspections!


The children love being part of the process. Schools often have the forethought to ensure the student council play a large part in the decision making. This includes selecting the equipment and the appropriate company to carry out the work! So, for them not to be able to see their project take shape over the days or weeks of construction does seem to be a little unfair to us! I think the children actually appreciate the end product much more, having seen the mechanics of what is involved in the type of work we are involved in, not to mention having a greater understanding of foundations and construction.

I have recently been involved in two projects where the children played a part in the process from start to finish, culminating in actually plotting the final positions of the new equipment and helping the team dig the holes. The sense of ownership and feeling of achievement when we went to photograph the same children playing on the equipment once the play area was complete was palpable.

We create play areas that can be used all year round, all the year round; you still have time to get the ball rolling for a September installation.

If you’re looking to update your playground area, contact us today!