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Our Fort Range

Our Fort Range

Part of what makes playing outdoors as a child so fun is allowing imaginations to run wild. Being able to create a whole new world to exist in. That’s why it’s important to provide children with a rich environment to play in. One that works with their imagination and encourages their creativity to come up with whatever seems possible. And that is exactly what we aim to achieve when thinking about new play equipment. It’s exactly what we were thinking when we designed our Fort range. We aim to create something that will interest children. Equipement that they will love either alone or with friends, but will also allow them to stay active and healthy.


Even with the ever-changing modern world, today’s youth still love imagining classic adventures, though maybe with their own twist. That’s why with our new forts range of play equipment works so well. Our forts range allows children to become the main character in their own adventure. The fairy tale idea of dragons and castles and princesses never gets old. Letting your child play among the scenery that they’re so familiar with from their favourite movies provokes their imagination. It encourages them to creating games and fun reminiscent of our own childhood adventures. After giving a school their own castle, a pupil wrote to us and said “We love the pole and the mini rock climbing. We also like it when we play fairytales”. Another child described the castle playground as “magnificent”. This shows us that even in today’s world children still love the idea of having their own castle!

Of course, the idea of a fort doesn’t have to just reflect classic themes. There are ways that forts can seem appealing to the children of the 21st century too. Forts can incite in children imaginary worlds that revolve around their favourite video games but provides a way to connect with the modern world. But the best bit? Parents don’t have to worry that their child is spending too much time indoors or being unsociable. Afteral, there is excitement to be found outside too! A fort opens up endless possibilities in how a child can invent a way to play. This makes it an adaptable and innovative piece of play equipment to include in a playground.

Therefore, though at first it may seem like the classic theme of a fort may not be as popular with the youth of today, the possibilities that it opens allow it to still work well in the modern age. Some children may still see it as a fairy tale castle, while others may see it as a fort on a new planet surrounded by aliens. The different aspects of a fort can be enjoyed by all children, and children from the St Mary & St Benedict School left us feedback about their new fort playground such as “thank you for the slide because it is very fast” and thanked us for making it as “everybody loves it”. A child’s imagination is limitless, and with the help of play equipment such as this, it provides somewhere for creativity to flourish.


We have received a lot of positive feedback, both from children at schools. Additionally, we also received lots of comments from education show, where we showcase our new Cumberland Fort. We received comments such as “what a great centre piece for the school playground” and “with its multiple play features it can cater for a large number of children at any time”.  This positivity motivates us to continue creating play equipment that all children can love, and we now know that the idea of a fort provides such a versatile drawing board for a child’s imagination. It is the perfect addition to an outside play area, giving children a way to stay active while still stimulating their imagination in a variety of ways.

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