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Making Playgrounds More Creative

Making Playgrounds More Creative

St Joseph's RC Primary School - WF10 4JB-17Creative play is a fundamental part of children’s development and growth. A creative mind usually results in children scoring higher in exams. It also increases problem solving ability and their desire to learn about a range of subjects. With so many benefits to creativity it is important to encourage children to think creatively from a young age. One of the best ways to encourage a child’s creativity is through play. School playtimes are the ideal opportunity to enhance this skill in a safe and fun environment!

Creating playground environments that encourage creativity isn’t difficult to achieve. Here are our tips on easy ways of making playgrounds more creative.

Active and imaginative play

When choosing a multi-play unit opt for one with an imaginative theme. Space towers are a great choice as they encourage children to use their imaginations and create stories. Additionally they also benefiting from exercising at the same time. Studies have shown that physical exercise helps to improve levels of creativity. So combining exercise with a tool that enables children to use their imaginations is a great way of encouraging creativity!

Role plays and story time

Children, especially young children, are often natural performers. They just need the right platform in which to let their imaginations flow and enable them to act out their own stories. Installing play scenes such as post offices, shops or even a pirate cove, provides children with a basis in which to create their own scenes and act out their own stories. As well as this adding an outdoor storytelling area provides a fun environment in which teachers can hold story time during warmer and drier weather, while also giving children a place where they can create and tell each other their own stories during playtime all year round.

Play panels

Activity panels, especially those that encourage art and crafts are ideal tools for encouraging children to be creative during their playtimes. Art and crafts panels are great additions to playgrounds with limited space, as they can be attached to walls and therefore take up little room. As well as this, they offer a great way for children to express themselves creatively through drawings which can easily be wiped clean at the end of playtime. Drawing and art are proven ways of encouraging children’s creativity as it allows them to express themselves while also using their imaginations.

Musical Instruments

Along with art and crafts, music is another great way of encouraging children’s creativity. Installing easy to use musical instruments into playgrounds, such as music panels, gives children the tools they need to express themselves through noise and sound and allows them to create their own music and learn about rhythm and timing. Musical instruments are also a fun way for children to work together to create music and helps to develop and improve their social skills along with their creativity levels.

With the benefit to children’s development and learning, creativity is a vital part of childhoods and as children are often naturally imaginative and creative they only need simple tools and mild encouragement to unleash their creativity during playtimes.

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