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Importance of Play During Lockdown

Importance of Play During Lockdown


Importance of Play During LockdownHaving worked closely with primary schools for over 30 years to help children lead healthy, active lives, at Playtime by Fawns we are extremely aware of the huge benefits outdoor play can have on children’s mental and physical health.

Since the Government’s school closure announcement, to all but key worker children, as a result of Covid-19, we have become increasingly conscious of the potential knock-on effect the lockdown is having on children’s social and emotional wellbeing, particularly as they are separated from their peers.

As an organisation, Playtime by Fawns have endeavoured to provide some helpful tips and advice to parents who are now in the unprecedented situation of home schooling their children. To help understand what children may be experiencing, we have sought expert advice from Clinical Psychologist, Dr Martha Deiros Collado, who works with children and families across the UK.

During our conversations, Dr Martha provides a fantastic insight into how children will have felt initially about schools closing, and the Corona Virus outbreak. She also explains the different emotions Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children will be going through as the lockdown moves into different phases, with an explanation on how to prepare children for the transition back into school.

Dr Martha also offers some expert practical activities for children and adults to participate in together at home enabling children to express themselves through play, achieving a healthy mental and physical outlook during the lockdown period.

From this week, we will be publishing interviews and blogs from Dr Martha, which we hope will provide a guide for both parents and teachers alike over the coming weeks and months.

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