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Fun Outdoor Activities

Fun Outdoor Activities

Gorse-Hall-Primary-School-SK15-2DP-23-640x640While some children will naturally love the outdoors, others may need more encouragement to head outside and play. Here are some fun outdoor activities that will help persuade children of all ages to play outside.

The local park

Parks are the ideal place to take children; they are free and often provide a wide range of activities to keep children occupied. Younger children will love playing on the playground equipment installed in parks, such as slides and swings; while older children will enjoy the freedom of being able to kick a football around. Some parks also include other facilities, such as tennis courts, that gives children the opportunities to try a range of sports and activities.

Join sports teams

Sports teams are a great way of ensuring children are active outdoors in a fun and supervised environment. Most sports teams will welcome children of all abilities and fitness levels, as long as they have enthusiasm for the sport. As well as this, with so many different sports to choose from, from fitness based sports such as football to skill sports like archery, there is sure to be a sport that captivates your child’s interest. Along with encouraging children to be outdoors, sports teams are a great way of developing children’s social skills as they have to learn to work as part of a team and make new friends away from their normal school environment.

Garden fun

If you have a garden with enough space creating a fun outdoor play area in your garden is a great way of ensuring children get the benefits of outdoor play but in the safety of your home. From shop bought paddling pools to creating an outdoor play area including swings and slides, there are many ways of turning your garden into a fun area for children to be active. As well as being in the safe environment of your own home, encouraging your children to make the most of your garden space means that children have access to playing outdoors throughout the day and all year round.

Informal sports

Being active outdoors doesn’t just have to be for children but is a great way of getting your whole family outdoors and having fun. Whether it is playing an informal football match, taking older children to a 5k park run or going for a family bike ride at the weekend, there are lots of sports that can everyone in the family is able to do. This not only encourages children to be active outdoors, but is also a great way of spending time together as a family while also helping everyone in your family to be fitter and healthier.

Being active outdoors is a great way for children to improve their fitness, while also helping to develop their social skills. As well as this, there are lots of free or inexpensive ways of allowing children to be active outdoors in a fun, safe and supervised environment.

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