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Children’s Mental And Physical Health

Children’s Mental And Physical Health

We thinks it incredibly important to keep children healthy and to challenge them in physical and mental ways. Play equipment that involves an aspect of problem solving helpskeep them physically active. Not only that, it allows them to test themselves mentally. Some examples of this include our Barnes Farm Infant School case study. We found that our Pick Up Sticks (1) product allowed children to have fun, while also learning decision making skills.

Abbots Farm Junior School found that they put their Sports Premium funding to excellent use through one of our trim trails. This addition to their school allowed the children to improve both physically and mentally. It enabled competing with themselves and others to figure out the quickest way to finish the sports course.

Sports Premium Funding & Healthy Pupils Capial Funding

Put your Sports Premium funding or Healthy Pupils capital funding to excellent use by choosing from our sports equipment. These ranges will allow your children and students to grow. Our sports equipment works well as a way to put both these methods of funding to good use. Afterall, the funding aims to better the mental and physical wellbeing of children. And that is exactly what we are trying to do with our sports equipment

Young Explorers Range

Our young explorers range of play equipment is a great addition to a park or playground. They provide children with a fun and safe space to play, while still challenging them. The different pieces within thie range provide a versatile way to play. Each one acts as an adventure course on which children can explore. They’re required to solve problems to figure out how to successfully do so. The pieces in the young explorers range each include many ways to play in one area, such as different climbing walls or rope walks, or slides and platforms. This variety stimulates and challenges children of all abilities, and we also offer this range in a variety of sizes, so that it is easy to find the right one for children of all ages, or for different numbers of students.

Some other equipment that we can provide at Fawns is a diverse range of traversing walls. These provide children with a piece of equipment on which they are required to figure out the best way to travel, and so challenges them mentally as well as physically. Children enjoy using this equipment as while it is still fun to play on it alone, it is also fun to play with friends, perhaps racing each other to see who can travel across the wall in the fastest time

Similar to our range of traversing walls, we also offer a variety of climbing walls. These too can challenge children in a number of ways, as they provide a place that helps children in developing different physical skills such as grip or balance, while also allowing them to problem solve how is best to successfully climb the wall. We also offer both our climbing walls and traversing walls in a variety of themes and colours, so that they are exciting and provide all kinds of children with a fun experience.