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Benefits of a Term Time Playground Installation

Benefits of a Term Time Playground Installation

When a school or nursery reaches out to us with enquiries about a new playground, one of the most common questions we receive from teachers is, “Can we schedule the installation during the summer holidays to avoid disrupting the school day?” While this may seem like a convenient option, opting for a term time installation could actually provide a wide range of benefits that you definitely won’t want to miss out on.
Many schools are now choosing to have term time playground installation due to the range of benefits, and in this blog, we will cover the wide range of educational and logistic advantages to a term time installation.

What we do best!

With our extensive experience of over 30 years in the industry, Fawns has become a trusted leader in playground installations, having successfully completed over 15,000 projects year round.

While installations over the school holidays pose no problem for us, we truly relish the opportunity to install during term time. Term time installations encourage children to be actively involved, ask questions to our installers, and witness the full project journey from start to finish!


Educational Benefits

Installations during term instead of a school holiday can create excellent outdoor learning environments, where children can learn first hand about construction sites and working as a team. It is a great tool for teachers to use, encouraging outdoor learning.

Additionally, term time installs are ideal for encouraging imaginative play, role play and other school activities, bringing extra fun to break times and outdoor learning.


Read further to find out even more benefits to your pupils if you opt for a term time installations:

  • Our installations offer a valuable educational experience, allowing pupils to explore concepts such as design, machinery, engineering, physical work, and construction. Children love witnessing the excavation process and it is always a highlight, providing a physical way for children to track the playground’s transformation from concept to completion.

  • Our install teams are very friendly and always welcome questions, and with over 30 years of experience we are very knowledgeable.  We love to bring out the inquisitive side of children and encourage outdoor learning!


  • We have found that after children witness the effort put into each installation process, they develop a deeper sense of gratitude towards the equipment and will tend to take more care of the new playground as they see the progress of concept to completion.


  • The children can take photos of the site throughout the installation process which can then be used to track the process for school council or your schools social media pages, website and any school projects.


  • Finally, having a term time installation ensures that the chosen children can fully enjoy and make the most of the playground before transitioning on to the next year group where it may no longer be suitable. It is also a chance for those in year 6 to create lasting memories and experiences before they embark on their academic journey to secondary school.


Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say about term time installations:

The children are so excited to use our new equipment and enjoyed watching the project happen. The children have an exciting play space that can be used regularly which is great to encourage physical activity. The installation team were great and so flexible. They were accommodating of the needs of the space for playtimes and the access route. They also were great with the children and their curiosity about the project.

St James’ & Ebrington CE Primary School


The installation team were very professional and wonderful. They happily answered all the questions the children had about what they were doing. They were especially great with a particular child with additional needs who was very upset about the Pirate Ship going. Another child even set up a chair so he could watch them working at playtime!

Two Mile Hill Primary School

Reading the above quotes really demonstrates how a term time installation can benefit schools and involve all children of different ages and abilities with the process including children with special educational needs.


Still Unsure about a Term Time Installation?

If you are still unsure about a term time installation and how it will benefit your school , read below to find out some further benefits about having your new playground complete during term time:

  • You will be assigned a designated Project Manager who will carry out a Pre-Works Meeting prior to installation, helping every step of the way. Additionally, a Schedule of Works is agreed prior to installation with the school leaders and head teacher.


  • All of our term time projects have a Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) and our installers have Advanced DBS, so there is no extra paperwork required.


  • We fully utilize our safety fencing and ensure the installation areas are completely cordoned off, ensuring the site is completely secure, this is then agreed by the school in prior to the installation.


  • We take careful consideration with delivery times for materials and aim to avoid pick up and drop off times. We will transport the materials ourselves to the installation area in the school, ensuring minimal disruption to the school day.


  • We are aware of potential disruption to the children; however, we make sure we keep noise levels to a minimum to ensure minimal disruption to learning!


Want to know more about our installation teams?

Our team of experts have successfully completed numerous playground installations in schools over the past 30 years, allowing us to anticipate and address any challenges that may arise.

We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our solutions to meet the specific needs of each project, ensuring that every school receives a playground that is not only safe and functional but also enhances the learning and play experience for students.

We understand all schools have specific requirements and no matter what date in the academic year, our teams ensure the school play equipment is installed safely and efficiently.

Creating outdoor play areas is our number one priority, creating your dream playground that children can enjoy all year round, making break times fun and educational. Keeping children healthy and active is our overall goal; whether the playground equipment was installed over term time or school holidays is up to you!


What Next?

If you would like to discuss a term time project or have any further questions regarding play equipment for your next school project, feel free to contact us on 01252 515199 or

Alternatively, if you would like to request a brochure to take a look through our play equipment simply click here to complete a form or feel free to have a look through our website at our amazing product range!

Finally, if you would like to contact us through our website and arrange a free, no obligation site visit; click here to complete the ‘Contact Us’ form.



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