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Lever House Primary School

Leyland, Lancashire
Project Descriptions

Location: Leyland, Lancashire

Project Value: £25,000

Age Range: 3-7



Lever House Primary School is in the town of Leyland in Lancashire. As a school they provide a supportive, safe and stimulating learning environment within which each child can reach their full potential.


The school’s vision was to provide a dynamic and engaging environment for the children, where they could enhance their gross motor skills through various physical activities. They also wanted to ensure the EYFS 7 areas of learning would be incorporated including communication & language, understanding the world and personal, social and emotional development.

Overall, their vision was to create a space where pupils could not only enjoy a diverse range of activities during break times and lunchtimes but also have an additional play area for development within the after-school club, still giving a natural look to the existing space.



Following a local conference the Bursar attended, a site visit was arranged with the local consultant.

The school council had already discussed plans and ideas, determining a boat/pirate theme was best for the existing space; the consultant understood their vision and discussed the best pieces of equipment to suit the area while also considering the need to meet a wide range of ages, abilities and EYFS 7 areas of learning.

A design proposal was created and presented to the school council resulting in a final design being agreed; work could then begin on creating an inspirational play area for the EYFS and KS1 children of Lever House Primary School.


San Juan – Columbus GalleonDuralawn


  • A bright, vibrant play space, but still fitting in the natural look to the playground, that the children can enjoy all year round.
  • A boat theme that will engage the children and develop the EYFS 7 areas of learning.
  • Physical activity and gross motor skills enhanced through play.
  • A play space that is age appropriate for EYFS, KS1 and the After School Club.


“The pirate ship has allowed us to make the children’s play times more exciting. They now have the opportunity to develop their physical development and it encourages them to develop their imaginative play. It looks wonderful and has added to the aesthetics of the playground. The children love to play on it during lunch and break times and now look forward to their time on it. It is also utilised by the onsite After School Club and children from all year groups can access it. This has been an excellent addition to our playground.”

Thornley EYFS/KS1 Leader & Teacher


“I like going down the pole on the pirate ship because it is fun!”

“I like the pole and climbing up the wooden bars. I like playing sea monsters on the pirate ship.”

“I like going down the pole because you can twirl around it. I like pretending to be a pirate and playing with the wheel.”

“Phenomenal because of the pole you can ride down and the cool slide.”

“I like the climbing frame and pole.”

“Amazing, absolutely amazing.”


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