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Fontmell Magna Parish Council

Shaftesbury, Dorset
Project Descriptions

Location: Shaftesbury, Dorset

Project Value: £47,000

Age Range: Under 12’s



Fontmell Magna is located in a quaint Dorset Village on the edge of the Blackmore Vale in a Conservation Area, located just south of Shaftesbury.

In November 2021 an inspection of the village playground was carried out and subsequently the play area closed due to all the equipment needing to be taken out, leaving an open space that needed to be filled with new play equipment for the local community.


The Village Hall Committee were looking for a playground specialist who could design and create a new community play area that would be suitable for children under the age of 12.

The Committee received an allocation of section 106 money from Dorset Council to fund a ‘destination playground’ and raised around £10,000 through their own fundraising appeal.



The Committee secretary Lisa Le Druillenec commented:

“The Village Hall had already been speaking with other play equipment suppliers about providing single pieces of equipment so we could build a new playground piece by piece, but when we spoke with Fawns it was apparent that they could create a much better play experience for the children in the village with a wider range of equipment.  Surveys had been carried so we had a good idea of what was required but wanted to be sure we had the right mix.  This is where Claire from Fawns was so helpful.  She came up with a design and layout which worked well in the space, still leaving room for the children to run about safely and had enough interest and challenge for toddlers on the cradle swings to the 11-year-olds that enjoy a challenging climb”.

Lisa continued “The Village Hall were also keen to have advice and support throughout the design process, which Fawns provided, including the comfort of a maintenance contract to help them maintain the equipment over the long-term”

The playground was officially opened on Saturday 28th October 2023.



2.4m Flat Seat/Cradle SwingMini Van Sit in Springer
New Forest – GladePolyspringer Parrot Sit on Springer
Young Explorer – Marco PoloSafer Grass Tiles
Young Explorer – Drake TowerBow Top Fencing


  • Brightened the area.
  • New layout that enables children to make the most of the space.
  • Equipment that engages children of a wide range of ages
  • All year-round use


“It has brightened up the play area and the new railings look very smart; we are so pleased we included them in the design of the playground.  The layout works well for all the children and enables them to make the most of this safe recreational space.

The flat seat swings were very popular especially as the previous playground didn’t have them.  The main benefit is that there is something for every age range in the Under 12’s play area”.


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