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Bengeo Primary School

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With several smaller playgrounds joined together but sectioned off by fencing, the Early Years Area at Bengeo Primary School didn’t quite work as effectively as the school would have liked, to enable them to make best use of the space available. Having worked with Fawns on several projects in the past, Headteacher, Mrs Starkiss, contacted Fawns to provide advice on how best to utilise the play space available, and allow the children to effectively access all of the different areas of learning and creating an outstanding first impression at the front of the school for everyone to be proud of. The biggest surprise and most enjoyable element for the staff has been how much the children love the experience of running over the new hummock hill and creating their own games, clambering together on the Pick up Sticks. The redesign of the play space by Fawns, has made a huge difference and the children are all really pleased with their new, improved, playground.

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