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Mark Making Mirror – Moveable

Catalogue Code: MMMRFS

The movable nature of the product ensures the space remains everchanging, creating a flexible learning environment with the Boards able to provide ‘temporary fencing’ between different areas. Being double sided, it allows more children to experiment with their creative side.

The Mirror Board develops language skills, as children ‘dress up’ and perform in front of the mirror carrying out role play. Support for PSED is provided as they see their own expressions of ‘happy’, ‘sad’, and develop language around this, making for an excellent product for adult/child led play.

It supports the following areas of learning in the EYFS:
1) Communication & Language
2) Personal, Social & Emotional Development
3) Literacy Development
4) Mathematics
5) Expressive Arts and Design


1.4m x 0.7m x 1.0m

Minimum Space:

4.4m x 3.7m

Free Fall Height:


Please Note:

Please note, prices do not include installation costs.

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