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Lunar Mounds & Moonbeam

Catalogue Code: LMOUND

This unit supports 2 out of the 7 areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage:

1) Physical Development
2) Communication and Language

It develops their gross motor skills, lower body strength and co-ordination. Standing on the top of the mounds helps children gain a new perspective of the whole outdoor space from a height. This develops their ‘positional language’ encouraging vocabulary such as over, under, beside, or beneath.

Balancing along the beam helps children build confidence, take risks and learn what their body can do. It also encourages problem-solving and predicting what might happen next.


3.6m (L) x 1.4m (W) x 0.5m (H)

Minimum Space:

6.7m x 4.5m

Free Fall Height:


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