Schools shout about good service and products

Schools shout about good service and products

I was lucky enough to spend a day last week promoting our company’s products and services at a Head Teacher conference for Walsall schools  two events had clashed and Adam our Area Sales Manager for the West Midlands was manning our stand at the Annual Leadership Conference in Birmingham.

The event was niche, maybe forty heads or leaders from Walsall primary schools who all seemed to know each other and to know many of my fellow exhibitors. I felt a little exposed, stood behind my desk with just a lap top and couple of banners to promote my wares, rather than the show stopping high impact funky new piece of school playground equipment I can hide behind at the larger events.

I needn’t have worried. Whilst talking to my first customer, looking to improve their outside play provision, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a smiling lady who waiting to introduce herself. The head, from a school where we had recently finished phase one of a three stage playground design and build, couldn’t wait to tell me and the potential new customer just how great we are and especially how great Adam is! Consultative, he really listened to us about our school and children and yours was the only company to come back with designs which met with our vision, and the finished results are just fantastic. The head continued to give this resounding recommendation to every other head I spoke with, the result being obviously a very successful day.

It was reassuring for me, our strategy has always been to focus on customer satisfaction with a view to repeat business, indeed over half of the projects we carry out in schools are either repeat customers or from recommendations. It does sometimes cost us more going the extra mile, we do sometimes spend more money on projects than we originally quoted to do as project proceeds and unforeseen circumstances arise, but I have always felt that it is money well spent, better to have a reduced profit and happy customer who buys more than the short term gain of a quick buck. But I underestimated just how many schools talk to each other and how important a good reputation is, not to mention having great people like Adam working for your company and a dedicated team of designers, admin staff and installers who back up Adam’s positive approach.

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