Redwood Primary School

Redwood Primary School

When I first went to Redwood it was highlighted that the tarmac space was no longer sufficient for the number of children they now have in KS1. As well as this, due to repairs done over the years the surface had split causing trip hazards throughout.

Alongside the playground they then had a large grassed area which was inaccessible for a lot of the year due to the weather. We removed all the old damaged surface and built the area back up ensuring it was a completely level space.

We then surfaced over with artificial grass including over the old grassed area extending their all-weather playground space, making it accessible all year round and better accommodating the number of children at the school.

The work was split into two phases, the first focusing more on outdoor learning spaces, the second which will go in this summer offering a bespoke play space which I worked closely with the school to design.

Overall the school have been delighted with the results.