Creating a “Daily Mile” track that really improves children’s lives

Creating a “Daily Mile” track that really improves children’s lives

Creating a Daily Mile track that really improves children's lives

Many schools across the country are seeing the benefits in terms of improvements to the physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of their children, as well as building confidence, resilience and determination after installing all weather Daily Mile tracks at their settings. If your school has been inspired by the recent Marathon to do the same then Fawns can offer advice and designs to put you on the right path.

Recent studies show that schools participating in the Daily Mile are seeing real benefits to their pupils health – seven months after starting the daily exercise regime 5% of children could run further during timed shuttle run test than children who didn’t partake in the scheme. They had increased their moderate/vigorous physical activity by nine minutes per day and had cut their sedentary time by 18 minutes. Importantly the physical activity has also been found to boost the children’s brain development and function, leaving the children feeling more awake with an increase in their attention and verbal memory as well as improvements to their feelings of wellbeing.

There are a number of different surfaces we recommend to create the all-weather path depending on existing terrain and budget, but we also look to utilise existing pathways or parts of the playground to cut down on material and installation costs. Any investment in such a track has proven to be sustainable – it happens every day, all year round and with children able to participate in their uniforms making it easy for every child to take part whatever their circumstances, age or ability. It’s designed to be fun, not competitive with children running or jogging at their own pace and you can create other activities along the way – with fitness stations positioned along the route for children to stop and carry out a different type of exercise, be it jumping or stretching  which can help encourage the children around the route. We’ve even installed solar powered timers and lap counters to further keep the children trying as hard as possible to create personal bests and build resilience and determination.

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