Playtime Essentials by Fawns

Playtime by Fawns create inspirational Playscapes in conjunction with staff, students and parent groups of schools and nurseries. We like teamwork, nobody knows the unique nature of your setting and the individual needs of the children as well as you do, but nobody has as much experience and knowledge as we do when it comes to creating a challenging, stimulating yet sustainable outdoor space. Fawns have been manufacturing and installing play essentials for over 20 years, designing Playscapes which stimulate children’s senses, challenge physical fitness and offer interactive and imaginative role play opportunities from early years to KS2.

We work very closely with school communities, ensuring projects are tailored to suit precise requirements. We can help transform underused areas within school grounds into something very special; complete with mounds, tunnels and bridges, multisensory areas and challenging climbing structures.

Our innovative products are constructed from natural, sustainable materials and the spaces cleverly designed to provide a wide range of physical, social and intellectual experiences. The results allow children of all abilities to increase their confidence and learn to enjoy exercise in a rich, stimulating environment that provides challenge without unacceptable risk.