5 Key Benefits of Physical Play for Primary School Children

Having worked closely with primary schools for over 30 years to help children lead healthy, active lives, at Playtime by Fawns we are extremely aware of the huge benefits outdoor play can have on children’s physical and mental health.

Since the beginning of the lockdown we have become increasingly conscious of the knock-on effect reduced physical activity is having on primary school children’s physical and emotional wellbeing, particularly as access to physical play equipment has been restricted within schools and public play areas.

As an organisation, Playtime by Fawns have endeavoured to provide some helpful tips and advice throughout this unprecedented period, enlisting the expertise of Clinical Psychologist, Dr Martha Deiros Collado, who works with children and families across the UK to provide an insight into the importance of keeping children active through this time.

During this week’s conversation, Dr Martha provides 5 key benefits of physical play for primary school children’s health and mental wellbeing.