Having undergone significant expansion over the last few years, St Bede’s Catholic Primary School in Basingstoke, Hampshire, wanted to make the best of their substantial play space by creating challenging and versatile play spaces which offered the children open-ended play opportunities both for break and lunch times and to incorporate curriculum sports lessons.

We worked with the school to design a myriad of climbing, balancing and play opportunities available all year round. As well as a challenging low level trail, and higher level multi-play Galaxy climbing unit, we installed a Multi-Use-Games-Area specially produced in the schools colours.

When we went back to see the children in action, Deputy Head Rachel Dance complimented us on the professionalism of our employees as well as explaining how the new equipment had improved the playtime experience for the pupils and staff. Interestingly Rachel commented on how the sports area had encouraged girls to participate in the games of football and basketball during their breaks – the school also revealed how obtaining buy-in from the lunch time supervisors with training and play guidelines which helped overcome any possible concerns the lunch time staff may have had with the addition of the new equipment.

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