With limited space available during the winter months on the tarmac playground and with a huge grass playing field unused for much of the year, the staff at Oldbrook School were keen to extended the “all weather play surface” onto the field so that the children could make better use of the space available. Within the new “all weather” space, the school were keen to provide a substantial centre piece of play equipment that would encourage both physical challenge and imaginative play for the children. The Fawns San Juan Colubus Galleon fitted the brief perfectly, with its look out decks to spy on-coming pirates and scramble nets, pull up climbers and slide, the fun and play value is endless. Due to its well thought out positioning on the school playing field by the Fawns Team, the new play equipment can be easily be accessed by the Children all year round, without the need to walk over the grass, or reduce any of the summer activities that take place.

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