Abbotts Farm Junior School in Rugby, Warwickshire, put their Sports Premium funding to excellent use with the addition of one of our Sports Trim Trails to further improve the range and inclusivity of their sports provision.

This outstanding school have an ethos of ensuring each individual pupil is given every opportunity to reach their full potential, and when we visited the school it was fascinating to see how the pupils used their new equipment to improve their agility skills and overall fitness.

The Headteacher told us the equipment has significantly increased participation levels across all year groups and offers pupils the chance to not only compete against each other but also improve the personal best times, using the solar-powered stopwatch which is part of the trail.

In addition to the fitness trail, we also installed a bouldering wall to improve hand and foot to eye coordination, and also an outdoor classroom as part of the school’s philosophy to ensure highly successful learning and teaching takes place both in and out of the classroom.

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